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05 Aug 2020Best Service Emotional Viola
The most expressive and detailed virtual viola availableEmotional Viola is the third member of the Emotional Strings series by Harmonic Subtones. This long anticipated and logical addition to the cello and violin, represents a very comprehensive virtual instrument that is easy to play, and of course offers numerous possibilities for individual customization.Not only does the Emotional Viola harmonize...
04 Aug 2020Ample Sound Ample Bass P III v3.1
Ample Bass P aim to bring the Fender Precision Bass sound to your studio.Sampling: Size: 3.60 GB DFD (Direct from disk) Rich Fingering Noise Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Slap, Pop, Tap, Accentuated, Repeat Note, Dead Note 12 articulations, Legato at random length & pitch & poly.Technology: CPC (Customized Parameters Control).
04 Aug 2020Soundiron Circle Bells v2
The Circle Bells library was recorded with a rare and unique instrument called "Blossom Bells", created by local SF Bay Area metal working artisan Pete Engelhart. This hand-welded tuned percussion instrument features six steel conical bells tuned to different keys and spread out in a fan arrangement. Each bell has a deeply rich, warm and sonorous tone with a long sustain and crystalline clarity.
03 Aug 2020Spitfire Ambient Guitars [11 DVD]
Distorted Soundscapes for Cinematic ScoringA collection of inspiring and modern cinematic guitar sounds, textures and loops — from ambient to apocalyptic — created and performed exclusively by renowned guitar innovator Leo Abrahams, and expertly sampled by Spitfire Audio. Designed for use in film, TV and game music and especially suited to dark, urbane, indie style scores, its early incarnation...
31 Jul 2020Native Instruments Cloud Supply v1.0
NEBULAR TRAP MELODICS Create huge hooks with synth keys, plucks, pads, melodic arpeggios, and more 150 presets of melodic fire for trap, hip hop, drill, and grime Effortlessly tweak sounds to hit your sweet spot or dive deep and create your own custom presets, effects chains, and macro controls Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interfaceSOUND OF THE...
31 Jul 2020Native Instruments Pulswerk v2.0.1
MINIMALISTIC GROOVE TOOLS The polished sound of minimalistic techno and house 50 MASCHINE and 59 BATTERY Kits for carving out distinct tracks for the dancefloor Features 60 MASSIVE presets for booming bassPOLISHED INTENSITYPULSWERK delivers the deep, clean, pounding intensity of contemporary minimal techno and house with edgy, precise grooves and a custom construction toolset that kicks with the cool.
30 Jul 2020IK Multimedia ARC System 3
Mix faster and more confidently than everARC System 3 combines an ultra-accurate measurement microphone, analysis software and correction plug-in to improve the accuracy of your monitoring in any room. Work faster and more freely, confident you’re hearing your music itself and that your music will sound great everywhere.With a faster, easier calibration process, breathtaking new correction algorithm and efficient.
30 Jul 2020Legion Series 33 Drummers Batucada
DescriptionIn our efforts to push the limit of ensemble percussion sampling, we have traveled to Latin America to sample an outstanding Batucada ensemble. ‘Legion Series 33 Drummers’ is not only composed of a massive ensemble of 33 drummers playing in unison, but also the ensemble split into sections, summing up to 88 drums. 5 Timbas, 9 Tamborims, 6 Guaches, 11 Chocalhos, 12 Caixas (snares).
29 Jul 2020Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars
DescriptionWelcome to a new installment of our Blendstrument Series: Paranormal Guitars.Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars is a distinctive Cinematic Pulse Design Tool, designed to create those unique blockbuster pulses we all need, but with a twist. The library contains our highly advanced randomization feature – allowing you to create an infinite amount of combinations and can never produce the same instrument twice.
29 Jul 2020Cymatics Legends Sound Design Course
Considering that one shots hold so much value by providing full creative freedom, we decided to top the LEGENDS experience off with a full step by step sound design course by one of our head producers!Your instructor will cover post processing for each sound and show the entire process in full, so you can design your very own one shots to use in your production.This way you’ll be able to customize...
28 Jul 2020Zermelo Secrets Of The Groove Tutorial
Secrets Of The Groove is my popular crash course on drums and bass. You'll learn how to get a layered, driving, punchy GROOVE every time — in your own style too.You'll learn: The secret to an infectious drum groove + examples The easiest way to nail your "signature" drum sound The #1 tool you need to get your drums FAT & LOUD How to program bass patches from scratch The...
24 Jul 2020Strezov Sampling JADE Ethnic Orchestra [24 DVD]
The biggest collection of Chinese and Mongolian virtual instruments out there. A unique and breathtaking collection featuring some of the best Chinese musicians recorded in their country with state of the art equipment and a deep sampling approach with up to 4 dynamic layers. An Ethnic Chinese Orchestra, Percussion Section, two Choirs and more all in one package.DESCRIPTIONAfter the journey of a lifetime...
24 Jul 2020Sample Magic Serum Future Groove Patches
From deep soulful to funky and futuristic: Serum Future Groove Patches serves up 101 presets inspired by forward-thinking genres. This collection traverses a broad spectrum of inspirational sounds across 101 macro-controllable presets for industry-standard powerhouse, Serum. Expertly-crafted patches from scratch, each preset is sonically full-fat and malleable straight out of the box. Serum Future...
23 Jul 2020Travis Barker Drum Kit
Splice Travis Barker Drum Kit [WAV]Regarded as one of today’s most influential drummers, Travis Barker is a world-class musician and producer who has sold millions of records with his bands blink-182, +44, and Transplants. As a solo artist, Barker has also produced and made appearances on projects that span an expansive array of genres, with collaborators such as Lil Wayne, Cypress Hill, and Steve Aoki.
23 Jul 2020Wavsupply Vision Fluorescent One Shot Kit
Custom made one shot kit created by Vision of Internet Money.Contains 20 Loops 13 Midis 32 Ambiance, FX & Textures 35 Bass 73 Bells 28 Brass 34 Flutes 50 Guitars 51 Keys 26 Pads 36 Plucks 38 Strings 13 Vocals

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