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16 Jun 2019Boom Library Urban & Suburban
MODERN AMBIENCES READY TO USEURBAN & SUBURBAN is packed with varied ambient recordings of everyday life surrounding modern cities.Included sounds - keywordsurban, suburban, area, mowers, sprinklers, traffic, babble, people, cars, trucks, horns, sirens, light traffic, traffic echoes, train horns, traffic roars, electricity crackles, emergency vehicle sirens, car passes, cobblestones, celebratory car horns.
15 Jun 2019Boom Library Urban Explosions Bundle
EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECTS TO THE FULLESTWhen you carry the word „BOOM“ in your company name, your first dedicated explosion sound effects library should be a decent one. For the recordings, we teamed up with the sound department of EA DICE (Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront) and we created the biggest explosion sound FX library ever. DICE uses the recordings heavily to impressively blow...
14 Jun 2019Boom Library Modern UI
3800+ royalty-free sound fx 680 WAV files • 96kHz/24bit • 8.3GBTHE WORLD'S BIGGEST PACK OF PIONEERING USER INTERFACE SOUNDSFully loaded with more than 3,800 user interface sounds (over 8 GB) in a single package, this library is the biggest UI library you can currently get and it brings you all you need to dive into the digital, virtual and interactive world. Whether you are looking for futuristic Sci-Fi sounds.
13 Jun 2019Sonex Audio Acoustic Guitars
FEATURES Acoustic Guitars: Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar and beautiful Mandolin. Up to 4 separate mic positions: close (stereo and mono), middle, far, and ambience (room) Nearly 100 GB of uncompressed sample content (compressed to 14GB) 9.879 Samples (Kontakt Lossless Sample Compression format) Dozens of ready-to-use presets for creative starting points Built-in Effects: 3-Band Equalizer, Compressor, Saturation.
12 Jun 2019Cymatics Golden Guitars Bundle
What Exactly is "Golden Guitars Bundle"With thousands of samples all over the internet, it’s important to pick the ones that will help you stand out.That’s why our team went down to the studio and recorded seasoned guitarist live, so you’ll have authentic, vivid sounds for your tracks.This collection of perfectly strummed guitar recordings is amazing for almost any style...
11 Jun 2019Celemony Capstan v1.3.1
Capstan – an end to wow and flutterFor over a hundred years, music has been recorded on mechanical mediums. And for over a hundred years, there has been a problem with this: wow and flutter. Who isn’t familiar with the wobbling and warbling, the droning and dragging? Mechanical degradation caused by defective devices or sticking tapes, by ageing or defective storage. In the past, it was...
10 Jun 2019ACID Pro Next Suite v1.0.1
Full version (includes 17 Gb sound library)With a worlds first for any DAW, ACID Pro Next combines cutting edge sampling technology, a fully featured DAW and unique ACIDized loops that lock in time and key with your new compositions.The world's first DAW with audio separationACID Pro Next is the next generation of music production. With a world first for any DAW, it includes zynaptiq® STEM...
09 Jun 2019Sonex Audio Electric Guitars
FEATURES Electric Guitars: Rickenbacker, Stratocaster and Telecaster. Nearly 20 GB of uncompressed sample content (compressed to 4.3GB) 1.947 Samples (Kontakt Lossless Sample Compression format) Dozens of ready-to-use presets for creative starting points Built-in Effects: 3-Band Equalizer, Compressor, Saturation, Distortion, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Width, Limiter and more  Full set of effects...
08 Jun 2019Native Instruments Lockdown Grind Expansion
HARD-HITTING UK DRILL The electrifying sound of the UK underground 42 MASCHINE and 42 BATTERY Kits loaded with trap rolls, raw beats, and iconic bass slides Exclusive MONARK and MASSIVE presets and multisample instruments for shuddering bassSTREET SOUND TOOLSUncover the intense, powerful sound of UK drill – moody and melancholy keys, iconic heavy bass slides, and punchy processed drums. Edgy and energetic.
07 Jun 2019Cymatics Vocal Essentials
What exactly is “Vocal Essentials”?Adding an authentic, human feel to your tracks is one of the best ways to make your music more memorable.To achieve this, many of the best producers turn to high quality, professionally-recorded vocals to use in their songs -- whether they’re full acapellas or catchy vocal chop melodies and runs.In “Vocal Essentials”, our production team...
06 Jun 2019Cymatics 808 Essentials
What exactly is “808 Essentials”?808 sub bass is one of the most important aspects of modern production.Having powerful 808s and low end in your music is absolutely crucial...especially if you’re creating any type of Hip Hop, Pop, or EDM music.Finding great 808s, however, can be quite difficult - let alone creating them.So to help producers of all skill levels improve their low end quickly.
05 Jun 2019Cymatics FX Essentials
What exactly is “FX Essentials”?FX  plays an extremely important role in gluing the elements of your track together and adding energy to different sections.Creating them, however, is extremely tedious and even searching for the right FX for your track can completely halt your creative momentum.So to help you focus on writing and sound design, our production team set out to create a...
04 Jun 2019Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2
The true sound of MusicMan® StingRay®5 includes over 26 GB, approx. 21,700 samples.SR5 Rock Bass 2 enables you to compose and create natural bass guitar tracks that imitate real bass guitar playing!“A lively-sounding and very playable virtual bass guitar”, “Well suited to rock, metal and progressive genres, also adaptable to many other styles”, “High-quality, detailed...
31 May 2019Spitfire Audio Albion ONE v1.2
Epic Composer ToolsThis is everything you need to make film music in one box. At its heart is a 109 piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section. Add to that warpable loops designed by award-winning music makers, plus an enormous steam synthesiser — it’s no wonder Albion ONE is our most renowned orchestral sample library. Perfect for first-timers and established composers alike.
30 May 2019Soundiron Waterharp v2.0
DescriptionThe Soundiron Waterharp is a deeply multi-sampled percussion and effects instrument library that captures the heart and soul of the waterphone. This unique instrument concept was originally developed by Richard Waters in the late 1960s. Waterphones — also commonly known as Water Harps — are found in all shapes and sizes, but they generally follow the same basic design: a brass...

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