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12 Dec 2019Soniccouture Array Mbira v1.1
ARRAY MBIRA - THE GRAND THUMB PIANOThe Mbira is a folk instrument originally from Africa.Sometimes called a Thumb Piano, Sanza, or Kalimba, they are generally home-made and consist of metal tines attached to a piece of wood, which are plucked with the thumbs. They are mostly small, with a handful of notes.Array Instruments, started by Bill Wesley and Patrick Hadley, have taken the concept of this ancient...
11 Dec 2019Native Instruments Bite v1.0.1
BITE: INSTANT STREET VIBESPrecision bit-crushing: Recreate the prized sonic imperfections that defined hip-hop and dance music’s first golden era, or dial the bits right down to depth-charged extremes. Authentic organic crunch of 80s digital sample rate reduction Wide sonic palette: From character-adding bite to bit-reduced oblivion Auto-input/output compensation, for controlled chaos Generate...
10 Dec 2019ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 - Pandora v1.0.5 [16 DVD]
Give your action, sci-fi, and horror scores a blockbuster boost with the fourth volume in ProjectSAM’s acclaimed Symphobia Series. Symphobia 4: Pandora lets you summon rousing cinematic risers, foreboding falls, and earth-shattering crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility.ADAPTIVE ORCHESTRAL TRANSITIONS & EFFECTS Effortlessly sync risers, rolls & crescendos to your sequence with...
09 Dec 2019SampleTank 4 MAX + Complete Sound Library [22 DVD]
SampleTank 4 - Sound and Groove WorkstationInspiring your musical journeys. One sound at a time.Your new fast-track to world-class tracksThe new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician’s “go to” workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming.
08 Dec 2019Analog Obsession OAQ v2.1 Retail
Enhance Your MixesOAQ is intended to function not as a corrective equalizer. It will enhance tonal balance with simple movement and carefully selected center frequencies. Subtle or the most radical adjustments in order to restore the vitality and life to a poorly recorded master, or to further enhance a very good clean mix. Finest component level emulation for digital world!Features Active equalizer...
07 Dec 2019Boom Library Geothermal 3D Stereo and Surround Edition
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes and TexturesGEOTHERMAL – 3D SURROUND AMBIENCESYellowstone National Park, this library transports the listener to someplace far away from Earth – although sounds represent the primal geological processes of our beautiful planet.Whether you are designing for daunting underground environments or films somewhere else in our solar system, draw from the rich sonic...
06 Dec 2019D16 Group Godfazer
D16 Group Godfazer (ESD); modulation plugin; multi effect with 22 modulation effects like chorus, rotary speaker emulations, tremoloe auto-pan etc.; 2 multi filter modules with 40 filter types each, optional MS mode, modulation amount control with Invert option and many more; 2 Modulation blocks, each with linkable constant modifier, syncable LFO, 16 step sequencer and peak follower with Attack, Decay...
05 Dec 2019Native Instruments Choral
CHORAL takes sonic inspiration from some of the most prized chorus effects of the last 40 years – including iconic rack-mount and synth-based ‘unison’ effects. Add width, movement, sheen, and shimmer to any signal, or take advantage of an all-new feedback mode, Scatter. It avoids the unpleasant metallic quality of heavy feedback settings in traditional designs, instead creating an...
04 Dec 2019Native Instruments Discovery Series - Balinese Gamelan v1.5.2
MALLETS, METALLOPHONES, GONGS Get hands-on with six playable, tweakable mallet instruments Perform patterns with a new generative arpeggiator, The Jammer Includes 2 GB of expertly recorded samplesDISCOVER BALINESE GAMELANThe Discovery Series heads this time to Indonesia, delving into the world of the BALINESE GAMELAN. This KONTAKT instrument contains 2 GB of pristine samples, comprising six essential...
03 Dec 2019Pluginguru MegaMagic Violin for Omnisphere 2.5
78 Inspiring Multi-Patch (meaning multiple samples across the keyboard) Violin Multis (including BONUS TRIO of Cello, Viola and Violin!) and 168 Patches including over 100 created by PlugInGuru’s GuruNation of patch making musicians makes this a MUST HAVE library for everybody with Omnisphere 2.5. From Vibrato to Pizzicato to Motion Slow, Fast and Very Fast,  from Composites where Cello.
02 Dec 2019Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho
ELEGANCE. BALANCE. RHYTHM.The Chinese Sheng, Laotian Khaen, and Japanese Sho are three very similar instruments with a common ancestor.  They have been traditionally made from bamboo, the aluminium of the east, since the 14th century BC.Sound is created by both inhaling and exhaling - as with a western mouth-organ.By controlling his breath the player can keep an almost endless sustained sound.
01 Dec 2019Native Instruments Flair v1.0.1
FLAIR turns the classic flanger on its head, it adds a revolutionary new Voices mode which uses multiple delay lines to create tuned harmonic flanging layers and resonances.
30 Nov 2019Cymatics VYPR + Bonuses
VYPR is by far the highest quality sound library we’ve ever created.We brought in some of the best musicians in the music industry, as well as world class songwriters and designers with thousands of hours of combined experience to help out.They worked day and night with our production team recording different instruments, experimenting with new synths, doing TONS of session recordings with world class musicians.
29 Nov 2019Hauptwerk v4.2.1
Features Perform on historic instruments Baroque, Classical, Symphonic, Theater Life-like instrument modeling 30 stop symphonic organ included Pitch & temperament controls Add up to 512 audio channels Intelligent combination system MIDI record/playback. Audio recording VST and AU plug-in links Pipe voicing controls and much more
28 Nov 2019Soniccouture Moonkits
MODERN BRUSHED DRUM KITSDUST, SMOKE & WARMTHMoonkits: a mission to explore the softer side of the drumkit.Brushes, but not only for Jazz. Also rods, mallets, tea sticks: anything that mellows the attack and allows the texture to sing out.Moonkits was intentionally recorded with extra detail at low velocites, because not every track is rock'n'roll. You don't need to smash the kit hard.

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