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Product Type: VST Instruments

Acoustic Systems Tassman v4.0
Applied Accoustics String Studio VS-1 VST DXi v1.0
Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard EP VSTi DXi v3.0
Arturia CS-80V VSTi DXi v1.2
Arturia Minimoog V v1.1
Arturia Moog Modular V VSTi DXi v1.2
AtoD SuperSaw Plus VSTi v1.0
AudioNerdz VSTi Delay Lama
AudioRealism Bass Line v1.06
BigTick EP-Station v0.3
BigTick Rhino VSTi v1.01
ConcreteFX Ethereal VSTi v2.0
ConcreteFX Granite VSTi v2.0
ConcreteFX Industry VSTi v2.2
ConcreteFX Vectrik v1.0
ConcreteFX Vocal VSTi v1.1
Cuttermusic Revitar VSTi v2.0
Dash Signature ComboSister VSTi v1.36
Dash Signature daHornet VSTi v1.22
Dash Signature EMM Knagalis VSTi v1.0
Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k VSTi v1.54
Edirol HyperCanvas VSTi DXi v1.53
Edirol SuperQuartet VSTi DXi v1.5
Emagic EVP73 VSTi v1.0
GMedia Music impOSCar VSTi v1.0.0.1
GrooveCube Exciton VSTi v1.2.2
ImageLine Sytrus VSTi DXi v1.0
ImageLine Wasp VSTi v2.0.0.17
LinPlug Albino VSTi v1.0 Presets Addon
LinPlug Albino VSTi v2.1
Linplug Alpha VSTi v2.2.2
LinPlug CronoX VSTi v2.04
LinPlug Delta III VSTi v3.04
Luxonix Ravity R VSTi v1.1.2
Massiva Energy Pro VSTi v1.6
Massiva EnergyXT VSTi v1.22
Maxx Claster Toxic VSTi v1.0
MHC Fatsondo VSTi v1.5
MHC Space Synthesizer VSTi v1.4
Muon Electron VSTi DXi v1.12
Muon Tau Bassline Mk2 VSTi v1.0
Muon Tau Pro VSTi DXi v1.1
Native Instruments Absynth VSTi DXi v2.0
Native Instruments B4 v1.11
Native Instruments FM7 VSTi DXi v1.10.006
Native Instruments FM7 VSTi DXi Yamaha DX7 Banks
Native Instruments Pro-53 Presets Addon
Native Instruments Pro-53 v3.00.013
Novation Bass-Station VSTi v1.10
Novation V-Station VSTi v1.4
Novation V-Station VSTi. Club 4k part I Presets
Novation V-Station VSTi. EMX & Quantum State Presets
Novation V-Station VSTi. K-Station Factory Presets
Propellerhead Rebirth RB338 v2.01
PSOFT VOID Modular System v1.5.2
ReFX Claw VSTi v1.0
ReFX JunoX2 VSTi v1.51
ReFX PlastiCZ
ReFX Slayer VSTi v1.2
ReFX Vanguard VirusDreamBank
ReFX Vanguard VSTi v1.5.1
Rgc Audio z3ta Plus DXi VSTi v1.41
Rgc Audio z3ta Plus Kire Commersialtrance
Rgc Audio z3ta Plus VSTi Presets Addon
Rob Papen Blue VSTi v1.02
SoftPlug Adventus VSTi v1.0
Sonic Syndicate Junglist VSTi v3.5
Sonic Timeworks SH-1001 VSTi v1.0
Steinberg Dcota VSTi v1.0
Steinberg ModelE VSTi v1.0
SuperWave Bundle VSTi v2.0
SuperWave P8
Superwave Performer VSTi v1.0
SwarSystems SwarShala v2.0.4
Synapse Audio Hydra v1.0
SyncerSoft Syncaine TM-200X v1.4 VSTi
TBL BassLine 1.3 VSTi
VAZ Modular 3.03
VirSyn Cantor v1.6
Virsyn TERA v2.1.2
Waldorf Attack v1.2
Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V VSTi v1.2
Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG100plus v1.12.05

Total 610 Mb

You may buy SYNTH #1 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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