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Bosendorfer 275 Piano GIGA

Bosendorfer 275 Piano GIGA
Product Type: GIGA samples


EASTWEST's BOSENDORFER 275 sampled grand piano features up to eight stereo dynamics per note for unparalleled expression and realism. The Bosendorfer Grand Piano was recorded in Switzerland by the producer of the critically acclaimed FIVE STAR Sample Library THE ULTIMATE PIANO COLLECTION, Olivier Truan.

It is a 1995 BOSENDORFER 275 (9 foot 1 inch) Concert Grand built in Austria. It has an extra range down to F0, 92 keys. Almost every note was sampled in 8 stereo velocities, 4 with the pedal up, 4 with the pedal down for unparrelled realism and expression. 736 stereo samples were recorded in total, without any looping (up to 2 minute decays). The piano was digitally recorded and edited direct to disc to achieve the highest possible quality. Extra care was taken in respect to A/D conversion, recording levels, and dynamic range to guarantee the highest bit-fidelity.

This product can only be used with the Gigastudio.

You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Bosendorfer 275 Piano GIGA or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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