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VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2

VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2
Product Type: Reason Refills

VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2 [SF2/SXT Formats]


QLIMAX LEAD - very strong lead.

BENNY BENASSI LEAD - it's probably no need to describe this type of sound. It's just sound of Benny Benassi

SYSTEM LEAD - very good lead in the style of Kenny Takito based on portamento effect. Should be used with portamento-compatible sampler, like Reason's NN-XT

VIRUS POWERCORE LEAD - characteristic dirty lead, coming from Virus Powercore. Very nice

ESSENTIAL TRANCER - just beautiful trance synth. You can use it in almost every trance production

MEDIUM DETUNER - This is slightly detuned lead. In combination with fast played notes it is possible to achieve effect of 8 bit Atari & Amiga machines. Very interesting

LIGHT DETUNER - just simmilar sound to previous but the detunning effect is more subtle - ideal for making combined harmonies

SPECTRAL BUZZER - Another Buzzer-type sound, this one much softer and good for making combined harmonies

SYNC LEAD - this one is the next Buzzer-type sound with typical analog portamento effect. Should be used with portamento-compatible sampler, like Reason's NN-XT

HARDSTYLER - that's impressive tool to creating hardstyle riffs. Strong lead which has some kind of unique sound anyway

SHAKE LEAD - this is another hardstyle tool. In a combination with pitch-bend you can play very nice riffs

ORIENT LEAD - Just the next hardcore sound, this time much softer and orient-style

NOISE LEAD - very gentle pad with noise and subharmonics, ideal for non-conventional riffs in almost every style

FAT MOON LEAD - characteristic lead with a lot of low and high harmonics, gives a very powerful sounding effect

FAT QLIMAX - this lead has more harmonics then previous. It's a really powerful full spectrum lead & pad. Incredible power of the sound

CLASSIC PAD - and this is a classic pad, just absolutely universal good for everything. Very good EQ applied

DYSON LEAD - just the next "dirty" sound from Virus Powercore

DIRTY TRANCER - another lead & pad, a little "dirty" too, good expecially for trance

FLY LEAD - and finally slightly detuned experimental sample, just sit, play and have some fun :)

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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