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Double Platinum Drums CD 2 - Room Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations

Double Platinum Drums CD 2 - Room Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations
Product Type: AKAI format

Discs 1 & 3

All Loops are mapped from C5 ( note number 72 ) upwards.

Loop Kits/Cymbal Kits
Loop Kits/Cymbal Kits are designed to work directly with the Loops. Try loading a Volume of Loops and then load the associated kit ( see listing ). This will allow you to add you own cymbal hits or fills as needed.

Discs 2 & 4

Instrument Hits
The concept of these instrument Modules was borrowed from the Roland developers' guide. This allows you to build your own kits easily. You can plug and play different combinations of Kick Drums , Snares, Toms, etc. with out having to change your sequencers note mapping. This also allows the Akai and Roland Versions of Double Platinum Drums to be mapped exactly the same, for you multi-sampler owners.

In most cases there are 3 or 4 versions of each instrument, varying in number of megabytes used. When possible use the biggest version of each instrument. These usually have more velocity splits and will have a wider dynamic range. When it comes to samples, size IS important, bigger is better.

Kit Combinations
These kits were mainly set up as examples of how to use the Modular instruments. They're also cool kits.

The Name Game
Creating a naming scheme on a big project like this one of the most difficult aspects of programming. I came up with a scheme that works well once you understand it.

Loop Volumes - all loop volumes start with their tempos in BPM followed by the style name and a "D" or "R" which identifies it as a (D)ry or (R)oom version.

example 96HARD ROCKD

Loop Programs - loop programs begin with their tempo in BPM, followed by a very abbreviated style name, followed by (D)ry or (R)oom designator, followed by the memory size in megabytes. All megabyte numbers were rounded up. i.e. 4.111 megabytes = is displayed as 4.2.

example 96HRDROKD7.8

Loop Kits - loop kits (Volume and Programs) follow the above layouts. They differ in their style name. The first name tells you which kick drum is used, the second name denotes the snare drum used.

example DW+TAMA D = DW kick with TAMA snare

Instrument Hits - all hit programs begin with the model name of the drum/cymbal, this is followed by a type designator, SNR, KICK, HAT, etc. . Next is the (D)ry or (R)oom designator, followed by the memory size.

example TAMA TOMR6.5

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You may buy Double Platinum Drums CD 2 - Room Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations or download it from our website.
This product was released on 17 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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