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AudioThing Satellite

AudioThing Satellite
Product Type: Kontakt format
Compatibility: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X64 Intel

Rare analog synthesizer.

The Satellite was a rare and less known Moog synthesizer from the mid 70s. It’s a monophonic preset synthesizer with one VCO and limited modulations. It was used mostly as an add-on for electric organs, in fact, the US company Thomas Organ bought the license to build it. Preset sounds include brass, reeds, strings, and other sounds. As many keyboards of that time, the Satellite is not properly tuned along all the keys (especially at the ends) so we included two versions: tuned and untuned.


  • 2 Kontakt Instruments (.nki): tuned and untuned
  • 13 Original Presets
  • 433 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
  • Size: 400 MB
  • Formats: Kontakt and WAV


You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy AudioThing Satellite or download it from our website.
This product was released on 02 Oct 2019. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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