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30 Jun 2020Native Instruments Stradivari Violin v1.0
ICONIC SOLO STRINGS Access the sound of the incomparable Stradivari “Vesuvius”, sampled in fine detail in Cremona, Italy Harness the violin’s full range to craft expressive parts with 20 articulations, captured in multiple mic positions Play highly realistic, expressive phrases with phase-aligned velocity crossfades and performance-captured vibratoCENTURIES OF DAZZLING SOUNDTap into...
30 Jun 20208Dio Studio Percussion Orchestral
Studio Percussion Orchestral for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX overview8Dio Studio Orchestral Percussion is a monumental deep-sampled collection of six orchestral percussion instruments. This unique collection contains first-class Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Crotales and Tubular Bells.All the instruments were deep-sampled extensively with a vast set of articulations. First, you have the option...
29 Jun 20208Dio Studio Saxophones v1.2
Studio Saxophones For Kontakt VST-AU-AAX overviewStudio Saxophones marks 8Dio’s continual commitment to pushing boundaries not only in technologies but also in advanced techniques to achieve a modern, playable and fully customizable studio sound.Comprising of over 108 hours of sessions and utilising only the best in modern recording and isolation technologies, we where able to capture multiple players simultaneously.
23 Jun 2020Mastering The Mix BassRoom v1.0.3
BASSROOM - Final Mix and Mastering EQThe struggle for the perfect low-end is over. BASSROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros nail their low-end in seconds. It does this by delivering exceptional sound quality and suggesting genre-specific EQ adjustments a great audio engineer in a world-class studio would make.Key BenefitsUnique filters that deliver better clarity &...
22 Jun 2020Native Instruments Infinite Escape
HYPNOTIC MICRO HOUSE The elusive, nuanced, and intricate sound of minimal Pared-back beats, hybrid analog and acoustic percussion, warm subs, deep pads, and trippy synths 40 MASCHINE kits, 40 MASSIVE presets, 30 MONARK presets, and 20 Drum Synth presets, plus over 380 loopsALL DAY, ALL NIGHTINFINITE ESCAPE captures the sound of a genre that has bubbled deep under the surface of European electronic...
19 Jun 2020Steinberg Dorico Pro v3.5
DORICO — THE NEXT-GENERATION MUSIC NOTATION SOFTWAREDorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality — and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH DORICOComposeComposing.
19 Jun 2020Silka Choir
OVERVIEW World-Class Emotional Orchestral Choir 63.500 Samples (49.7GB compressed) 4 Hall Microphones (Mixed, Decca, Wide, Far) 4 Spot Microphones (Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4) 40 Polyphonic Legato Syllable Arcs 5 True Legato (MW Multiple Dynamics) 12 Staccato Legato & 13 Fast Repeated Staccato 15 Triplets/Triplet Loops 19 Sustains & Sustain Legato 4 Trills (Multiple-Tempos) and Shorts Full...
18 Jun 2020Fluffy Audio Spaghetti Western
The best musical ideas happen when you’re having fun!By following this motto, we developed Spaghetti Western, a unique library inspired by the Sergio Leone trilogy and the typical soundscapes of the most famous Spaghetti Western movies.Conceived as a joke over a year ago, we were looking for something particularly fun and easy to play and settled on this idea. We found it to be an inspiring tool...
18 Jun 2020Keepforest Risenge Pro
Thrilling rises, heart-stopping suckbacks, dramatic build-ups and downfallsKeepforest is proud to introduce the next chapter of the company with the new library series - the Risenge. This new library is a huge source of thrilling rises, heart-stopping suckbacks, dramatic build-ups and downfalls, in combination with a collection of cinematic hits, the library will take the tension and dynamic of your...
17 Jun 2020Adobe Audition 2020
Adobe Audition. A professional audio workstationCreate, mix, and design sound effects with the industry’s best digital audio editing software.Edit, mix, record, and restore audioAudition is a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing, and restoring audio content. This powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video...
10 Jun 2020Reveal Sound Spire Synthwave Pack Vol.2
Reveal Sound Team is excited to release 'Synthwave Vol.2'.Several purchase options are available: Full Pack, Spire Presets Only, Construction Kits.● "FULL PACK" contains:• 100 presets for Spire & ReSpire synthesizers;• 7 Construction kits;• Includes MIDI and 24bit, 44100Hz WAV files;• Drums One Shots.● "SPIRE PRESETS ONLY" contains:• 100...
10 Jun 2020Reveal Sound Spire Synthwave Pack Vol.1
Full Pack, Presets, Construction kits are available to purchase as separate packs.● "FULL PACK" contains:- 90 presets for Spire & ReSpire synthesizers + 8 Construction kits- Includes MIDI and 24bit, 44100Hz WAV files- One Shots● "PRESETS" contains:- 90 presets for Spire & ReSpire synthesizers● "CONSTRUCTION KITS" contains:- 8 Construction kits, includes presets...
09 Jun 2020Toontrack EZkeys - Dream Machine
DREAM BIGA hybrid instrument for modern pop, ambient soundscapes and soundtracks.EZkeys Dream Machine is a hybrid and preset-driven instrument designed for use in modern pop, ambient soundscapes and soundtracks. It’s centered around two main components from opposite ends of the audio spectrum: a Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano as well as an undisputed cornerstone in the melodic percussion family, the celeste.
09 Jun 2020Solo Violin Designer 2.0
8DIO Solo Violin Designer 2.0 [Kontakt]Solo Violin Designer 2.0 for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples overviewSOLO VIOLIN DESIGNER Virtual Instrument VST is a massive collection of over 4.000 phrases performed by renowned concert violinist: Thomas Yee. The intention of the library was to sample completely realistic solo violin by creating an incredible collection of musical phrases. We programmed the library...
08 Jun 2020CP70 Electric Grand Piano
8Dio Studio Vintage Series CP70 Electric Grand Piano [Kontakt]Studio Vintage Series: CP70 Electric Grand Piano for Kontakt overview8Dio Studio Vintage Series represents the most comprehensively deep-sampled collection of vintage keyboards.The famous Yamaha CP-70 is no exception to extreme sampling. We sampled this legendary Electric Grand Piano in such detail that it will never need to be sampled again.
07 Jun 2020Groove3 Melodyne 5 Explained Tutorial
Product OverviewStudio guru Eli Krantzberg delivers comprehensive Melodyne 5 video tutorials! Learn all the basics, its features and functions, and how to use them effectively to manipulate your audio track's pitch and time, with incredible results. These videos are designed for new Melodyne 5 users.Eli welcomes you and gives you a first look around the new Melodyne 5 interface, what it looks like in various DAWs.
06 Jun 2020Toontrack EZbass v1.0
MEET YOUR NEW BASS PLAYERWe are proud to introduce the market’s first bass software of its kind. One that goes above and beyond a traditional sample library to deliver not only pristine sound but also fundamental features that effortlessly let you to add bass to your songs.TWO BASSESTwo carefully sampled bass guitars – one vintage and one modern.SONGWRITINGArrange, compose, change and rearrange...
05 Jun 2020FabFilter Total Bundle 2020
Included: FabFilter Micro v1.20 FabFilter One v3.31 FabFilter Pro-C 2 v2.08 FabFilter Pro-DS v1.12 FabFilter Pro-G v1.22 FabFilter Pro-L 2 v2.03 FabFilter Pro-MB v1.19 FabFilter Pro-Q 3 v3.11 FabFilter Pro-R v1.06 FabFilter Saturn 2 v2.00 FabFilter Simplon v1.30 FabFilter Timeless 2 v2.30 FabFilter Twin 2 v2.30 FabFilter Volcano v2.30
05 Jun 2020Steinberg BackBone
Drum Re-synthesizerA revolutionary way to design your own drumsBackbone is your new, innovative drum designer for single kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussion, rises, hits and more. Layer up to eight samples and shape them with classic subtractive synthesis, decompose samples into tonal and noise elements, re-synthesize samples to manipulate them in unheard ways and apply up to eight effects with two...
04 Jun 2020Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio
New in Melodyne 5New technologies, for better results in less time. Thanks to the fundamentally improved “Melodic” algorithm, Melodyne makes your vocal editing even better than before. With perfect, natural corrections at the press of a key. Thanks to the Chord Track, you can adapt notes with lightning speed to suit the song – chord recognition included. And with the unique Fade Tool.
01 Jun 2020Strezov Sampling Taikos X3M
Ultra playable cinematic Taiko Drums with special focus on fast playing and an organic timeless sound. Also includes various percussion ensembles based on Taikos to expand your sonic palette.About Taikos X3M For years the Japanese Taiko has been a constant colour in soundtracks and music productions all over the world. Applying our sampling philosophy to the various instruments of the Taiko family...
31 May 2020Ben Osterhouse Cello Textures v1.4
Product OverviewThe Cello Textures instrument is a carefully curated playground of expressive cello articulations.If you are looking for inspiring, niche string sounds to add splashes of color and realism to your music, this instrument is for you.DETAILS 971 samples at 48kHz 24-bit Played on a cello created by Frederick Bethke. This cello won a certificate of merit for tone in the 2018 VSA competition.
30 May 2020Splice Sakima Vocal Pack Vol.3
As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use SAKMIA's name, image or likeness without SAKIMA's express written permission. SAKIMA is dishing up his third Splice sample pack. This one comes brimming with all sorts of drum and bass loops and one-shots, synth loops in a variety of keys, tonals to keep things extra interesting, and of course, SAKIMA's signature vocals. These dark, ambient-leaning...
29 May 2020Soundethers Motion
About MotionMOTION is a library conceived for adding flavor and depth to your tracks, perfect for any composing needs, like second lines with reverberated keys, tasty pads, soundscapes, field recording atmospheres.You have a total of 230 programmed sounds to explore, transform, combine, create your own.All sound are assigned to the Mod Wheel for complex modern modulations.It can be used in crossing genres.
29 May 2020iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2 v2.2
Find your balanceOvercome your listening environment and make mixes that translate with Tonal Balance Control 2, a plug-in that helps keep your sound on target in any genre.Welcome to Tonal Balance Control 2Finalize and fine-tune your master using target curves for different genres. Use Tonal Balance Control 2 in your mix session and adjust gain and EQ for Nectar, Neutron, other compatible iZotope...
28 May 2020Zenhiser Breathe Drum and Bass
Heavyweight Drum & Bass producers rejoice, we now have you covered. ‘Breathe - Drum & Bass’ is a weapon you must be armed with, delivering raw, unadulterated dance floor mayhem. Featuring over 850 earth shattering loops, one shots, midi and presets, this is one outstanding Drum & Bass sample pack.Tearing up studios worldwide ‘Breathe - Drum & Bass’ delivers everything...
25 May 2020Fluffy Audio Dominus Choir Pro [12 DVD]
While releasing Dominus Choir two years ago, we were already looking forward to enrich it with new features. Among them, the possibility to sing in English and Marcato and Staccato articulations. By now we could say that we successfully accomplished the task.This time, Paolo had in mind the perfect picture of how the choir library would have sung, knowing exactly how to achieve the best result; Mario Lanaro.
24 May 2020Mastering The Mix MixRoom v1.0
MIXROOM - Intelligent and Versatile EQ PluginMIXROOM is an intelligent EQ that guides you to set the perfect balance of richness and clarity whether you’re working on a vocal, a synth or mastering your music.MIXROOM analyses your audio and shows you which frequencies could be adjusted to improve your sound. The EQ target suggestion helps you get a solid starting point, from which you can tweak...
23 May 2020Apple Logic Pro X v10.5
New in Logic Pro X 10.5New FeaturesLive Loops Compose music by arranging and triggering cells in a grid using loops, samples, and your recordings. Perform and capture free-form arrangement ideas into the tracks area. Add Remix FX to perform creative effects like filters, gates, repeaters, and downsampling. Use Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone to perform Live Loops and Remix FX using Multi-Touch...
23 May 2020Native Instruments Pharlight v1.0
MELODIC HUMAN TEXTURES Create uniquely-human textures, pads, leads, and effects through organic vocal timbres Harness intensity, timing, and evolution with in-depth control over effects and modulation Explore a one-of-a-kind library of samples designed and recorded specifically for PHARLIGHT’s engineVIBRANT, EVOCATIVE, GRANULAR VOXPHARLIGHT is a vocal-based granular instrument for artists, composers.
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