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02 Apr 2019Vir2 Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms v1.5
EPIC DRUMS FOR YOUR NEXT SCOREWe are proud to present Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral Toms. Recorded in a large concert hall in central California from three mic positions for complete flexibility, Cinematic Thunder delivers an epic sound. From soft and warm to big and bombastic, Cinematic Thunder is an absolute and indispensable production tool.Cinematic Thunder contains four master patches: Sticks.
01 Apr 2019Ensemblia 2 Orchestral
A modern chamber orchestraEnsemblia OrchestralEnsemblia Orchestral is the sound of a modern chamber orchestra. It sounds warm, intimate and organic - and always different, since you can instantly put together your own ensemble from over 50 instruments.The core of Ensemblia are seven separate instrument tracks that can be freely assigned from a large arsenal of orchestral and non-orchestral instruments.
01 Apr 2019Arpology Cinematic Dimensions
About ARPOLOGY – CINEMATIC DIMENSIONSBack in 2012 Sample Logic developed a game-changing arpeggiator that shook up the industry and left all other arpeggiators in the shade. This ground-breaking piece of scripting was named the “Step Animator” and it became the driving force behind a fantastic multi-genre sample library, the original ARPOLOGY. This library conjured magic from single...
31 Mar 2019Native Instruments Indigo Dust Expansion
VIBRANT MELODIC TECHNO Polished, festival-ready techno sounds 47 BATTERY kits and 37 MASCHINE kits packed with pitch-perfect drums and percussion Synth presets, samples, and loops full of deep basses, moody chords, and emotive padsUNTIL SUNRISEEmbody the spirit of deep techno, the sound connecting music-lovers everywhere, from the desert plains of festivals to the dancefloors of clubs across Europe.
31 Mar 2019Sample Logic Drum Fury
APOCALYPTIC DRUMSLET’S GET DANGEROUSSample Logic opens 2019 with a bang… quite literally. DRUM FURY is an extensive 11 GB collection of over 100 apocalyptic KONTAKT drum instruments. This is epic cinematic percussion at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances that have been captured and programmed to perfection. A world of percussion awaits you, from thunderous Taiko ensembles...
30 Mar 2019Sample Logic Xosphere 2
BREAKTHROUGH FOR ATMOSPHERESXOSPHERE 2 is simply amazing. Introducing Sample Logic’s largest collaboration in company history and your newest tool for creating unique atmospheres, XO2 is not only an infinite sound sculpting virtual instrument, it also sports over 2,000 inspiring ready-made soundscape presets derived from content curated by leading sound design and virtual instrument companies.
30 Mar 2019Zero-G Nordic Noir
Nordic Noir is a huge new 3 Gb Cinematic Crime, Drama & Action sample library from Zero-G based on and calling to mind the great soundtracks from that bleak and beautiful cinematic and TV genre. The sounds from the 32 construction kits have been cleverly created so that they can be interwoven and combined in innumerable ways. There are also extra pads, drumloops, piano and synths.Nordic Noir is...
29 Mar 2019Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces
METROPOLIS ARK 4 - Elite Orchestral ForcesSize may be king in the natural world but sometimes the real power lies beneath the surface. After all, some of the tiniest insects are hardwired to floor a six-ton elephant.This latent symbiotic power comes to the fore in the same way with Metropolis Ark 4 – Elite Orchestral Forces, which integrates various approaches from the previous three collections.
29 Mar 2019Glitchedtones Noise Elements Electrical and Interference
36 Files of Designed Electrical & Interference Noise. Noise Elements: Electrical & Interference is a sound effects library featuring 36 noise production elements of imagined electricity and interference particularly well-suited to Dystopian, Science Fiction or Horror scenarios.Think cameras on the blink in found-footage horror, industrial alien atmospheres or glitched-out, distorted communications.
28 Mar 2019Roland SRX World
About SRX WORLDTravel Around the Globe in 88 Keys with Roland Cloud’s SRX WORLDCreated in the spirit of Roland’s seminal hardware board, SRX WORLD is packed with sounds from around the world to enhance your compositions.FeaturesGLOBE-SPANNING INSTRUMENTATIONThroughout the early 2000s, Roland’s SRX expansion board series provided innovative tools to sprinkle fresh flavors into your synth setup.
28 Mar 2019Heavyocity Novo Essentials
What Is Novo Essentials? A curated selection of core orchestral strings content from NOVO: Modern Strings Lush traditional strings for quick composition Creative string designer for cinematic sound design Hand-crafted loops for instant inspirationTech Specs 10.02 GB uncompressed (6.1 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression) Available as direct download only 5,668 Samples 54 All-New Snapshot Presets 3...
27 Mar 2019Sample Magic SM101 Live Hi-Hats Vol.3
Live Hi-Hats 3 offers 101 live hi-hat lines expertly recorded and precision-cut to add irresistible funk and groove to beats - regardless of genre. The patterns cover a wide range of dance genres from 60bpm through to 174bpm - downtempo, nu-disco funk, future R&B, house shuffles, swung two-step shuffles. Live Hi-Hats 3 is primed for total pan-genre appeal, these killer grooves will appeal to producers...
27 Mar 2019Sample Magic SM109 - Retrowave
With nostalgic analogue synths, late-night beats and glo-fi melodics Retrowave takes a trip into a neon-tinted dystopian cityscape, inspired by the euphoric sounds of Kavinsky and the house-tinged grooves of Com Truise and Lone. Featuring a massive 1.6GB of 24-bit Wav loops, MIDI, drum kits and one-shots recorded through rare and unique vintage gear, Retrowave is all you need for that hazy future classic.
26 Mar 2019Carma Studio Sci-Fi Ambiences
From the Moons of Saturn to the internal workings of a warp engine. These ambiances will set the tone for all types of futuristic sounds scapes. These textures are blended phase modulations and distant radio waves that will drop right into your DAW and transport you to outer space!What’s in the Pack? 50 SoundScapes each 1-2 minutes in length 
26 Mar 2019Orchestral Tools Time Macro
CHRONO SYMPHONIC STRUCTURESTo augment the available palette of sounds with another dimension, Orchestral Tools introduces TIME macro, captured at the Teldex Scoring Stage with the same setup used for the Berlin Series and Metropolis Ark Series.TIME macro is the essence of many concepts and ideas about music in a temporal context. It led us to this extensive collection of inspiring orchestral and choral textures.
25 Mar 2019Fiedler Audio Stage v1.0.2
For total control of your stereo fieldOverviewfiedler audio has a reputation for setting new standards.Two years after developing the revolutionary reverberation algorithm at the heart of Brainworx’s bx_rooms, they have once again redefined the world of acoustical enhancement with stage – a plugin that uses trailblazing stereo-spatial processing methods to take good mixes and masters, and make them great.
25 Mar 2019Sonic Academy How to Make Ruby with Enamour Tutorial
DescriptionIt's finally here!This week we're bringing you another exclusive at Sonic Academy and we're super stoked to welcome a brand new tutor - Washington DC-based producer and DJ, Enamour to guide us through How To Make Ruby - his latest track just released on Anjunadeep’s Explorations 08 which is currently sending positive chills down the spines of those in the Progressive House scene.
24 Mar 2019Maag Audio EQ2 & EQ4
This disk contains 2 plug-ins: Maag Audio EQ2 v1.5 [PC version] Maag Audio EQ4 v1.9 [PC version]Maag Audio EQ2The Mäag EQ4 is one of Plugin Alliance’s most popular plugins. International pros rely on its tremendous musicality to enhance their tracks.Now Mäag has released their TEC Award nominated EQ2 in a plugin version, bringing that Air Band® magic to a lower price point and creating...
24 Mar 2019Dear Reality DearVR Pro v1.2.2
OverviewDear Reality’s state-of-the-art algorithms have been a mainstay of 3D audio production for years. Now, for the first time, their spatial processing treasure chest has been made available in an all-in-one plugin for your DAW: dearVR pro. Say goodbye to expensive middleware, unwieldy software bundles and complex routing schemes. All the tools you need to create stunning, immersive 3D audio...
23 Mar 2019Dear Reality dearVR Music v1.2.2
OverviewMost people probably listen to your mixes on earbuds and headphones. It’s the perfect setup for blowing their minds with music in 3D—if only a plugin could do that.Well, prepare to enter the third dimension! dearVR music breaks the shackles of stereo and planar surround sound to turn your DAW into a 3D virtual reality powerhouse. No advanced engineering chops are needed. Load dearVR...
23 Mar 2019Vast Dynamics Vaporizer 2
On alias free oscillators – the holy grail of wavetable synthesis implemented in Vaporizer2Being able to synthesize any arbitrary waveform without aliasing – audible or not – is considered the holy grail of wavetable synthesis. But what does aliasing mean in that context?If you are familiar with the Nyquist Theorem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyquist_frequency), then you know that...
22 Mar 2019Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Harps
There has been one beautiful, shimmering sound missing in our Berlin Series so far: The Harp.The wait is over - we went back to the Teldex Scoring Stage to catch the spirit of this fascinating instrument. To offer even more possibilities, we recorded not one, but two enchanting, pearly Harps to enhance your Berlin Series Template.Each Harp has its own unique sound character with a consistent set of...
22 Mar 2019Rob Papen Vecto
Vecto was originally created for the Propellerhead Reason RE platform, however we have received many requests asking if this great synthesizer also could be available for other platforms.So here it is!Vecto is a four-oscillator vector synthesizer that allows users to draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways. Included are a large range of oscillator waves, plus sampled waveforms...
21 Mar 2019Chandler Limited GAV19T v1.5
CHANDLER LIMITED GAV19T Guitar AmplifierChandler Limited's GAV19T is an all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp in the vein of such vintage English classics as Selmer, Watkins, Marshall and Vox.  While this amp borrows some tones from the classics, the heart of the GAV19T circuits are either new circuits developed by Chandler Limited or highly modified vintage circuits. The tube compliment is two EL84s.
21 Mar 2019Wavediggerz Oberon 808 Engine
Meet OBERON our latest creation at Wavediggerz. A high quality 808 engine loaded with sub sounds ready to load in your favourite DAW of choice. Oberon is a 808 and Sub VST/AU Plugin that is equipped with hard hitting 808s and Sub bass lines. We kept the trap urban genre in mind while creating these sounds, with that heavy bass sound we hear all over the airwaves in todays modern music. Inspired by artist such as Post Malone.
20 Mar 2019Sample Magic SM141 - Retro Future
Analogue Synths and Neon-Driven BeatsFuture beats with a distinct retro flavour... The ultimate oxymoron brings succulent synths together with machine-drummed beats in Retro Future – a massive 1.8GB+ assortment of era-defining pop sensibilities and epic synthesized landscapes. Dive into an action-packed excursion of soundtrack themed melodics, pumping arpeggios, Disco-drummed beats and Tron-hinged analogue heaven.
20 Mar 2019Sunrise Modern Country
DescriptionBig Fish Audio and Sample Factory are proud to present Sunrise: Modern Country. This massive 15 GB collection of Modern Country sounds is influenced by artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert, and many more. Sunrise contains 15 Huge Kits with over 7 GB of original content including instruments like Dobro, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Hi Strung Guitar.
19 Mar 2019Ambient Music Production Techniques Tutorial
ADSR Sounds Ambient Music Production Techniques [Tutorial]Production Techniques for Ambient MusicA good ambient track can literally take you to new mental planes without you even realizing it! Achieving this is no mean feat and requires a solid knowledge of complex processing techniquesIn this course we look at different techniques in Ambient music production, focusing on iconic artists and specific...
19 Mar 2019Tina Guo Vol.2
Tina Guo vol. 2 is a valuable expansion of the original Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato library utilizing the same unique seamless legato recording and programming techniques. The legato in vol. 2 allows for more agile melodic passages and additional articulations including spiccato, marcato, harmonics, sul ponticello, and vibrato pizzicato. Combining vol. 2 with the original library provides a complete...
18 Mar 2019Dangerous Music BAX EQ v1.4
OverviewThe Dangerous BAX EQ is one of the smoothest sounding EQs you will use.It features a world-class design of Peter Baxandall’s legendary 1950’s tone control that has graced hundreds of millions of hi-fi systems, plus 2 high pass / low pass filters.This EQ is a fantastic tool for tracking, mixing, and mastering.Besides the ultra clean and natural sound, which is achieved through the...
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